Are you looking to reinvigorate your entire organization with a new set of skills? You can jump-start a team’s culture with a half- or full-day training in essential collaborative leadership skills.

Collaborative Meetings

Upgrading the entire organization’s quality of meetings is a high-impact way to shift to a more collaborative, engaged, and accountable culture.

Communication & Feedback

Communication and feedback processes can make or break a team’s ability to generate and maintain high trust. Create a culture of transparency, growth and learning. Work will become a meaningful source of personal growth for the team.

Coaching Skills

Coaching skills are a powerful way for managers to foster development in their direct reports. There’s a skillful way to do it, and there’s a way to botch it and sound pedantic. Learn skills to coach with authenticity, such as deep questioning, active listening, and suspending judgment.

There are two aspects to problem solving: the internal aspect and the external, tactical. This is even more complicated when working in a group. Learn a shared framework for tackling the external aspect using root cause analysis. Gain the strength to face the internal aspect of problem solving - namely comfort with stepping into unknown territory.

Group Problem Solving