Bring me in as an outside facilitator so you can get the most out of your entire team and keep your focus where it belongs: on the work at hand.

Off-Site Retreat


Your team needs to get out of its current contextual setting in order to think bigger. Let me help you design some high-impact time together that will make a lasting difference when you get back to the office.

We’ll sit down together in advance and design clear results for the team’s precious time together. Then I’ll work with you and the team to make a road map showing exactly how we will achieve those results.

Full-Day Work-Session

You know what you need to get done, and you want to set aside dedicated time to make it happen. I can be a partner in planning and executing a day-long work session that is designed in detail to meet your goals. I’m never surprised when we get done everything we set out to achieve in our meetings, but my clients often are! 

Leadership Summit

You’ve got important stakeholders coming in from out of town and you want to be sure to not waste their time, or yours. Your focus is on what needs to get done during the meeting, and my job is knowing how to keep the group on track together to make it happen.

Strategic Planning

Like I’ve said, your attention should not be split between your work itself and worrying about how the meeting is unfolding. Let me handle the meeting. With strategic planning efforts, I am the process expert that builds your team’s cohesion and reach alignment on what’s best for the company.